About Us

13938282_1170547776321999_6267365913490432834_oA nomad told his tale as he sat with his friends by the fire at night.  He swore that all of it was true.  If you have nothing else to do, I will tell this tale to you.

In a kingdom far, far away, so far that no one can remember where it actually was.  There lived an evil wizard who tainted the sky with toxic fumes, littered the air with the sound of honking horns, swearing, and raised the temperature with humping dogs round every corner.  The people lived in fear.  Darth Vader embraced the dark side, Frodo and Sam where nowhere near Mordor and Gandalf was chillin’ with Hookah the smoking caterpillar and Balrog.

A group of 4 young paladins joined forces with the night’s watch to fight the wizard.  Through fierce battles with dragons, bar fights with Gimly and the other dwarves, arguments with the elves and rockin’ trips with the dark riders, our heroes made their way through hordes of storm troopers, night walkers and trolls to finally challenge the wizard of Oz who was wearing glittering red shoes. The scarecrow was eaten alive by the crows, the tin man drowned in the river and the lion was busy having tea with the Mad Hatter.

Our heroes fought long and hard against the Wizard of Oz, but nothing worked against the wizard except for those damned shoes.  As the battle dragged on, our paladins felt doubt in their hearts. The wizard’s shiny shoes reflected the light from his shoes which bounced on the paladins’ armor and straight to his eyes.  The wizard was blinded and twisted his ankle, knocked his head against the coffee table and never woke up again.  The paladins made sure of this by feeding him to Khaleesi’s dragons.

The paladins rose victorious, the people cheered them as a new light of hope filled the peoples’ hearts.

The four paladins who are now known as Rejects, promised the people that they will safeguard the kingdom through their passion of tattoos, music and art.

If you’re still reading this, feel free to drop a message or email. Please no nude selfies, we already have enough groupies.

And as we always say: Ejja nkomplu minn fejn hallejna. (For our foreign friends: Let’s continue were we left off)

P.S. We also organize events, album launches, photography, promote local talent, eat pears, kale and shit like that (thank you Rick Ross <3)