Be prepared for quivers and shivers as we present to you the first performers for Friday the 13th at Razzett L-Aħmar.

We sat down and had a chat with Decline the Fall.

How to describe Decline the Fall? Well, first impressions always count. What we saw was different from what we decline the fallexpected. It wasn’t just five simple guys who decided to form a band just for the fun of it. We met with a combined team of different talents, who with their different styles managed to incorporate everything into one. This hasn’t only helped them to grow from a musical aspect but has also given them the drive to improve their individual lives.

Friday the 13th will be the official debut for Decline the Fall but not only … John the vocalist, will also be having his official debut, as he will perform for the very first time on stage. Needless to say, this is a huge experience for both John and Decline the Fall. Indeed, John can feel in safe hands as the other members have past experiences in bands including Myopic Destiny, Cyanide, Fenris and Seal of Soul.

Why did they wait for Friday the 13th for their debut? Why the hell not? It’s that special day when everyone thinks twice about everything. The superstitious tick inside our head starts making its way into our subconscious thoughts giving this day that eerie feeling that something’s gonna go terribly wrong. Decline the Fall will re-introduce themselves to the public as one unit, confident that they will give the crowd the show they deserve, the music experience they expect and to perceive the passion they have for their music.

And as good old Otis said in The Devil’s Rejects:

There is no fuckin’ ice cream in your fuckin’ future

Decline the Fall:

John ‘Castiel’ Gatt (Vocals)

Nate Adams (Lead Guitarist)

Ehren ‘Bunny’ Fenech (Drums)

Kris Farrugia (Rhythm Guitarist)

Fabio Negro (Bass)

Check out their single


Author: Janica Spiteri

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