Steps on how to attain a bright, fresh, new hair colour and maintain it


Everyone likes a change once in a while; it being style of clothing, make up, nails and last but not least one’s hair. Changing hair style and colour can be fun, easy and one can do so in the comfort of one’s home. All in all, in order to obtain any hair colour, the steps are pretty much the same, it is only the colour that changes. However, remember that before changing the colour, one must let the previous colour fade out – since re-bleaching could cause great damage to the hair follicle.


Virgin hair is the best hair to start off with. It has no chemicals deposited within the hair follicle and it can be easily transformed to any colour of your choice. Below I shall give you an easy step by step guideline as to how one can strip off hair colour in order to deposit the new pigments of your choice.

Steps to obtaining a vibrant new hair colour!

– First and foremost, you need to find out what type of colour you want. It is important that one browses around in shops and read reviews in order to get the best advice before deciding on the dye. Choose a colour that suits you the most 🙂

– In order to obtain a vibrant result, the first thing to do it to pre-lighten the hair. Virgin hair is very easy to lighten since the bleaching product will only remove the natural colour of the hair. However, if your hair is already coloured, a pre-patch test needs to be done in order to see how much damage your hair has already been through. Bleach is bought in sachets, which need to be mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide, preferably volume 30. It is applied to the hair like a normal hair dye; however one must start from the ends and work their way to the roots. This will ensure that you have an equal all round bleaching effect. Bleach should be left in the hair for approximately 10 minutes; you can check the progress in order to ctumblr_nuuly9Bebm1uec615o1_250alculate how much your hair has lightened. DO NOT exceed 15 minutes, this might result in burning off your scalp!

– Once your hair is bleached, it is advisable that you leave your hair ‘blonde’ for at least 2 or 3 days before dying it, since hair follicles can only take so much treatment at a time. This is the case if you bleach the whole full head of hair. If you are only dong the roots, you can go ahead and colour straight away. It is important to condition your hair everyday during the 2/3 days prior to colouring; a good hair treatment can also work wonders 🙂 This will nourish your hair and you will avoid burning it all off.

– Following this wait, you can go ahead and dye the hair. Once again, make sure you apply a patch test on a small area of your hair. DO NOT apply hair dye if you experience itching, swelling or burning during the patch test! If everything is in the clear, you are good to go. Apply the hair dye of your choice starting first from the roots in front and sectioning your hair in order to cover up all roots. Once the roots are done, you can proceed in dying the rest of the head. Make sure you use all the hair dye – this will ensure that all areas are covered. I find it very helpful by massaging the dye in my hair once I finished colouring the entire head. Hair dye takes about 30 minutes to settle, however leaving it for a bit more will not do any harm to the hair.beautiful-hair-colors-tumblr-8bvjz73a

– Finally, once the time is up, you need to wash out the colour. I find it helpful not using shampoo this first time, since the properties within any shampoo can remove hair colour. I first drain all the colour with just COLD water and then apply a small amount of conditioner.  Massage the conditioner well in your hair for about 5 minutes and then rinse it off. This will leave your hair feeling very soft.

You are done 🙂 You now have a vibrant new hair colour!

Maintaining the colour of your choice is not hard at all. There are good hair toners out there you can buy which you can mix with both your shampoo and conditioner. This will ensure that new dye pigments are deposited on your hair and the colour will never dye out. Make sure that the toner you buy matches the colour of your hair in order to attain the best possible results J It is also important to wash your hair withCOLD water; this prevents the colour from running out. Good hair treatment products will also ensure you do not end up with burnt hair, especially in the summer months. Apply it after washing your hair and massage it in you hair. DO NOT wash it out! It is nourishing your hair, especially bleached hair.

DO NOT bleach your hair often. You should leave at least 2 months pass before bleaching a full head of hair. You can however bleach roots and re-dye all the hair. Roots are virgin hair follicles, so no damage is done to the previously bleached hair 🙂


Enjoy and experiment!




Author: Alexia Micallef

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