Years ago, when I was ready for my second tattoo, it didn’t take me long to decide what  my next master piece would be – a cherry blossom! Whilst skimming through designs of cherry blossoms, I noted how popular this symbol seems to be, and truth be told, even here in Malta I’ve seen a lot of women proudly sporting this body art. As you know, tattoos can tell a lot about the individual as at times, there can be a deep story behind it – thus it’s very important to know the proper meaning of the symbol/design you choose, to see if it represents you in any form you feel adequate.

In Japan, the cherry blossom (or sakura) represents life. The beautiful cherry blossom blooms for a very few days before falling to the ground and is scattered about by wind and rain. It is in this life cycle that their blossoms become truly anticipated and appreciated for all their beauty, reminding us to cherish each passing moment as time does not wait for anybody. Life is too short to waste it getting hung up and attaching yourself to negative outcomes. Therefore it is a symbol of mortality. Apart from being an emblem for the Samurai of Japan  (also making it a popular design for men), this magnificent flower also symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Thanks to their herbal lore  the Chinese see the cherry blossom as a symbol of female dominance and power, particularly in the light of feminine sexuality. It’s a great piece of art for anyone who wants a tattoo which represents strength, independence and the ability to overcome problems and maybe for this fact, the cherry blossom also symbolizes good luck and hope.


Of course, the meaning of this symbol changes with different perceptions of different people and beliefs. However, no matter what, it shows us there is beauty in everything. Although the petals may seem fragile they show strength and courage teaching us how important it is in life not to necessary be strong…but to feel strong. As for me, I’ve been proudly dis

playing my cherry blossom tattoo for these past 3 years now, not only because I find it beautiful…but because I see myself in each delicate flower and know that no matter what life will bring, I will be there to face it and learn from it. Life really is a beautiful thing.

Live with no regrets  😉



Author: Alexia Micallef

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