We are very proud to have Ali join us for Friday the 13th.  She will be exposing a special exhibition during the event.

We sat down and had a chat with her.

Who’s Ali Bosios?  I personally have been following her artistic work for quite some time to be honest.  With herali bosios unique talent, she manages to mix the visual art with a mix of … how shall I put it … a pinch of darkness.

Ali’s a fine artist living in Gozo.  Having studied at Mcast Targa Gap, her studies ranged from printing to video, sculptures, murals, photography, mixed media such as gunpowder and other disciplines.  Apart from focusing on her photography, Ali spends her Summer season managing and cooking in a food kiosk at Santa Marija Bay, Comino.

Ali describes her work as a mix of life experiences juxtaposed with reality based fantasy.  Art is an ongoing journey to self-discovery.  Identity, distortion and sexuality are recurring themes, often merging these traits in any given artwork.

With my work I aim to provoke thought processes which might not cross everyone’s mind, mainly due to being uncomfortable with such thoughts.  I touch on taboos and try to evoke the inner voyeur in everyone.

Ali’s exhibition, THIR13EN SPECIMENS will be focusing on the number 13 as the subject matter.  Her exhibition will be based on the movie Thir13en Ghosts as well as certain points from a Traditional Acupuncture treatment which mainly focuses on treating mental disorders which is similarly aptly named Thirteen Ghosts of Sun Simiao.

My methods are rather disjointed and fragmented.  This collection encapsulates imagery from a variety of concepts I’ve shot over the years, mostly touching on societal quirks.

Each photo can be a stand alone as well a collective; together telling a different story.  Rather than hanging her work to portray the usual exhibit people are used to, Ali opted to showcase each photograph in a glass vial, mimicking laboratory specimen, enticing viewers to interact with the work.

So I dare you dear viewer, pick one up and study my altered subject.

You can take a look at Ali’s work on her official Facebook page:


Go on … don’t be shy 🙂

Author: Janica Spiteri

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