d81672bb97b5c423c03a541c946f3bb4Mohawks can be worn in different colors, shapes and sizes. This type of hairstyle is nowadays deeply associated with punk music and rebellion; in fact it is highly looked down upon by most. Nevertheless maybe that’s the intention of the wearers; to look different and express oneself through a unique haircut. Interestingly enough this hairstyle has first gained popularity by the movie “ Drums Along the Mohawk” in 1939. Later on during the 1950s the American jazz culture embraced this style as a visual statement against conformity. In the 1970s till the 1980s the Mohawk was mostly associated with the punk movement as a sign of rebellion against the rules of society. Nowadays this belief still persists although it depends on the type of Mohawk ones chooses to wear. If one chooses an outrageous Mohawk hairstyle, then chances are that one is trying to make a statement.  One thing is for sure and that is that the wearer is not trying to blend into the crowd. The pity lies when one associates this haircut with the capability and intelligence of the wearer and it is a great shame when one considers the history behind this style.






clonycavan_manOne ought to know that for decades it was believed that the Mohawk hairstyle origins lay within the Mohawk tribe of Indians who were part of the Iroquois Confederation and inhabited the area around the Great Lakes and parts of what is now Canada and the state of New York. These Indians later on became part of the “League of Peace and Power”. This tribe has been an intriguing inspiration due to their beliefs and sacred customs. Moreover they are mostly known for their distinct appearance mostly the way they styled their hair, hence the modern hairstyle name Mohawk. The exact way the Mohawks styled their hair is still debatable. Some say that they would pull the hair out of their head until only a small square of hair was left on the back of their scalp, others argue that they would shave their hair on both sides leaving a full length strip down the center of the head while others argue that they used to wear their hair tight up but the comb effect was achieved without shaving the rear part of the head nevertheless the same outcome is achieved in the end. Moreover this hairstyle was commonly found among those Mohawks who would be going to war. Having said that, however in March of 2003 a well-preserved Iron age bog body was found in Ireland who is though to be 2, 300 years old and most astonishing thing about this Clonycavan Man was his hairstyle. In fact it is believed that this man was wearing a Mohawk himself by the use of plant oil and pine resin to keep his hair gelled up. Interestingly enough this raises up the question whether the Mohawk tribe was really the one who created this hairstyle or whether this hairstyle has a more ancient origin? Hence the name for this hairstyle may not even be appropriate since the Mohawks may not have been the pioneers at all.




Although the history of the Mohawk is still debatable, this style is still chosen by a significant number of people around the world. Moreover nowadays there are many variations to this Indian haircut that Green_Mohawk_by_Ryo_Says_Meowranges from an extravagant one such as the horse mane style where the hair is continued further down the back, to a shorter and softer version that is easier to manage and elegant for official meetings. In the end you can create your own type of Mohawk according to your personal style and preference. There are no rules to follow and one can be as creative as he wishes to be. In fact the sides of the head don’t have to be shaved, although this can be an intriguing option for some 😀 .



Author: Alexia Micallef

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