The end of the first half of the year 2016 is literally round the corner, however, given the amount of amazing stuff that’s been happening in the local alternative and underground music scene, it is already safe to label this year as of one of the best ones for as long as I can remember. One particular scene that’s been brewing with talents and new releases is without a shadow of doubt the local metal scene. And speaking of talents and new releases, a name that’s already shown it got a lot of both, despite being relatively new is the band ‘Align the Tide’.

But.. who are Align the Tide?

Align the Tide2

The band consists of singer and lead guitarist Kyle Farrugia, Alston Cacciattolo on rhythm guitar, Danny Dalli on drums and bassist Gabriel Camilleri. They possess a very distinctive sound, more specifically a fine balance of aggressive and melodic tunes, coupled with lyrics tackling sensitive subjects that may otherwise be perceived as a social stigma in today’s age.

As they say though, actions speak louder than words ever will, and the action worth a thousand words (or in this case views), was their recently released debut music video, more specifically ‘The Golden Throne’.

Directed and produced by the talented Fabrizio Fenech and Carlston Saliba the music video tells a story about a normal loving family man, who, fed up of enduring the constant abuse by his boss at work, decides to murder him and is consequently locked up in a mental asylum. While at the asylum he ends up facing yet another person with an approach similar to that of  the murdered boss towards him. In fact, the video continues with the latter experimenting on the patient in the lab by using metal music coupled with electric shock therapy in a rather twisted way.

Expect to hear more from them shortly! Stay updated with their latest news and releases by clicking HERE


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