Following their last seasonal success, the Salesian theatre are starting their new season with musical concert ‘Anon’.

What’s ‘Anon’?… Well, Anon is a unique experience of live music accompanied by visual projections, that together tell the life story of a father and his son’s relationship, transforming along the years. The show is to get the audience through their journey, witnessing both moments of joy and conflict and how these affect their relationship.

The father’s insensitive behavior, failing to see life from his son’s perspective in a changed world, adds to the child’s tension. However the child fails to understand the changes in societal behavior and how this affected his father when he was a child. The inability to confront each other about these issues leads to tension which could possibly jeopardize their bond.

Featuring the active participation of over 80 fresh young talented artists, some of which pretty well known in the local music scene, the event is bound to be one of the greatest ever held at the Theatre. As some of the enthusiastic participants have already stated excitedly on the Facebook event page, having such a large number of efforts and talents, the event is expected to be very detailed, elaborate and especially energetic.

The concept for the narrative was drawn from personal experiences and are coupled with a number of popular song covers that transcend the feelings of each stage in the characters’ lives.

Produced by the Salesian Youth Centre, Tas-Sliema

Directed by Stefano Ellul & Edward Mifsud

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