They’re here to distribute strangeness. They’re here to distribute noise. They’re fine suppliers of retro digital rock. Ladies and gentlemen…may I present to you…Cyberia *thunders in the background*.

Starting off as a typical goth band back in the late 90’s the band’s road to where they are now started carving itself when Andrew Christie joined the band. Today the line-up features Andrew Christie (guitarist), Toni Vella (keyboardist), Joe Pannol (bassist) and Gilbert Kuzza (vocalist).

Cyber is for futurism and technology.  Siberia is cold as a machine.  It’s a mixture.

Cyberia1Although the band defines their music as ‘retro digital rock’ and ‘post industrial’, they try to combine their diverse backgrounds to work beyond conventional structures and divides. Their vast musical influences play an important role in them having such a unique sound. In fact, these vary from dance floor with industrial sounds, to bands with the likes of prodigy, chemical brothers & gorillaz; with some of them coming from a street-punk and ska musical background such as Skatallites and Monkey’s Factory on to the likes of Frank Zappa and metal band White Zombie.


In these couple of years the band has collected a collage of memories, citing their funniest moment the time when Kuzza had to run take a dump before their live whilst the other members were already on stage. Like any other ambitious band, Cyberia are always working on new material, and while they like to distribute their material, they opt to do so freely, finding their drive on working on their own unique style, move this around and get others involved.

Lyric wise, there are different messages depending on the song…

Maskri is about the different faces that everyone has to put on for different situations. Sometimes these are physical, like covering tattoos and/or earrings. But the most powerful ones are symbolic, when one has to reject part of himself/herself. L-iswed Jiskura is about current neoliberal policies and the assumption that humans are greedy and defined by consumption. We ask how one can find him/herself within such materialism. Violence on TV and Dominatrix are well explained by the title. The “I want to give it to you piggy” part of the latter song helps in explaining…


Cyberia3On the 28th March, Cyberia will be playing live at Rookies Bar Bugibba. With CineZmirnov accompanying the band with visuals and Dj Hades playing before and after the band, this event promises to be full of surprises. The band will play old and new material- all linked with a 50’s Sci-Fi theme and played in amazing 3D.  And best of all…they will be launching a new drink- ” The Fluid from Black Lagoon”. Make sure not to miss it, it’s going to be one hell of a night!



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