Demon are one of the pioneers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, alongside the likes of Iron Maiden and Saxon and left a large legacy and influence in the world of heavy metal.

Now Play N’ Go alongside with the band created an online game which also features an exclusive track, Devil Rides Out, which features as an unlockable bonus track within the game!
If that wasn’t enough, the band also released an album entirely inspired by the game that will feature Devil Rides Out on its tracklist and feature artwork from the game.

Local radio presenter Noel Mifsud (Rock Moods – ONE92.7 & Heatstrokes/Rock Carousel – allRock Dab) caught up with original band singer Dave Hill a few days before the band plays Malta for the second time:

Demon has been one of the most consistent bands from the NWOBHM era, only taking a 4-year break in the 90’s. What was the main cause or reason of this hiatus?
We took a break in the nineties because we had been on the road and making albums since 1980 and we needed to stop and take a look at where we were. When we got together after the break, we had a clear direction.

Demon’s music varies from one album to another. Is this intentional?
We always intended to make a different album every time we went into the studio, I remember growing up listening to the music of Pink Floyd and David Bowie (to name just 2) and thinking if I ever got the chance to make albums I would try and create a different product and different experience for the listeners like they did.

Last September, Demon launched the compilation “The Devil Rides Out”, which is made up of songs found on the online game with the same name. How did this idea come to fruition?…..
The online game idea came about last year when we received a call from Michael Ivarsson, who we had known from Sweden rock festival, and when we played Malta Doom metal festival we met with Michael who explained all about the game and we were thrilled that he wanted to use our name and music in this way in the modern world.

…. and what are your expectations from the game?
Expectations to introduce Demon to a new audience.

Demon returns with a brand-new song in this compilation. Are there any more songs in the making?
We have quite a few songs in the pipeline which we are considering recording in the very near future.

Was there any re-recording of music parts on the songs that build up “The Devil Rides Out”?
The Devil rides out soundtrack contains no re recordings of old tracks just a new recording, the title track.

This is your second visit to the island, having played at Buskett during the 10th edition of the Malta Doom Metal Festival. What are your recollections about those few days here and your show in particular?
We all loved Malta on our first visit last year with all its history and warm climate, and the Doom metal festival was great and the people were warm and very friendly.

What are you expecting from the audience this time and vice versa?
We expect that the audience like last time will be very enthusiastic and knowledgeable of our music and in return, we hope to give them a classic Rock experience.

Now that the game and its soundtrack are released, what does the future hold for Demon?
We hope that the future for Demon will continue in the same way as this year and with the release of the game we can reach new heights.

Thanks Dave
Thanks for the interview, See you on the 27th

Demon play at Tigulio, St.Julian’s, supported by Italian outfit Black Mamba on Wednesday 27th November. Entrance is free by invitation from

Author: DJ Noel Mifsud

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