You’ve already had till over your heads hearing about Sbamfest Malta (yeah we’re good at annoying people) but this time we’re not gonna talk about the musical talent that will participate but about the two local artists Katrina and Brenda who will be setting up their own exhibition.

Who are Katrina and Brenda? What do they have planned in their sinister minds?

Katrina is the go to dark artist in Malta. With her vision and talent, she manages to capture the real essence of living matter.

Katrina is a 29 year old artist based in Malta. Born into a family of artists, art for her was a huge influence throughout. Katrina was always encouraged to draw since a very young age, her beloved uncle thought her on how to see the perspective in art and how to think outside her comfort zone. Since the yearly age of primary school, Katrina competed in various art competitions and always placed first or second. Her most prestigious award was when she was discovered by the Caravaggio Foundation for her artistic ability. Furthering her studies in art, Katrina continued studying Art and Design at MCAST.


Nowadays Katrina is living her dream by being a full time independent artist. Katrina is known for her raw photography and for her dark work. Mostly known as well for her live gig photography in which she has been doing for more than 9 years.

“Photography for me has always been a primary source for art. Since I was a little girl I remember my mother buying me disposable cameras so I could experiment capturing a good photo, until she bought me a second hand digital camera which changed my world!”

Her mother an ex musician was a big influence in supporting her work and thanks to her she saw the beauty of rawness.

“I am one of those few people who do not use photo shop in my photography, I strongly believe that there is nothing more beautiful than a raw photo.”

In these past two years Katrina has launched her own jewelry line inspired by nature named Sigritwal. Currently Katrina is studying again and working on new projects.

Humanity can be interpreted in various ways throughout our immortal journey. Although my inspiration is based on the subject itself however, for this exhibition I wanted to portray the pain on how humanity is destroying and lose itself in the power of money. The kill of our primary source of inspiration and life.

On the other hand, Brenda is an artistic poet.  She manages to capture other peoples’ emotions in her portraits and manages to transmit her own emotions in her works.


My admiration for the arts began ever since I was a child, as I started sketching cartoon characters then over the years progressing to creating finer detailed work such as portraiture. I’m lucky enough to say that art has become not only as my hobby but also my everyday job as I’m currently working as a local tattoo artist at Monink Tattoos.

Humanity; Humanity is an inspiration itself, as I myself have always been so fascinated by how a simple face gesture can say a lot about a person. That is why I have taken this opportunity to exhibit my fascination with portraiture each depicting the same emotion however with their own twist.

Catch them on Saturday 21st September during Sbamfest Malta at The Garage.

Doors open at 8pm


Author: Lyon Xuereb

“I don’t need therapy. I’m just a total mess of everything done right”

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