Finally, I’ve found some time to sit down and have a chat with one of my closest friends, Stefano Micallef known for his stage name, The Strangely Lost.

Q. When did you start your journey into creating your own music?

A. Well I guess it all started back when I was just a little toddler.  My father introduced me to the world of music by playing records by Pink Floyd and the Beatles.  By the age of 14, I started listening to electronic music legends like CJ Bolland, Underworld, Sven Vath and supporting a friend of mine at DJ lesson where they used to happen at Genetix.  At around the age of 16, I bought my first Fender Telecaster and started jamming during the weekends.  One year later, an old friend of mine introduced me to the the new era of CDJS, mixing, clubbing and passion.

From then, I started buying music, DJ equipment and well it never stopped.

Q. Why The Strangely Lost?

A. Well because I don’t give a fuck.

I wanted to write my own name and a profile name for Soundcloud but it wasn’t available. I tried all possible combinations so I had to pick a random one from whats available and I chose Strangely. I then added the rest and looked appropriate. So I just went for it.

Q. How do you describe how music has affected your life?

A. Heh good question. Music can take you to places no one can, not even if you are fully loaded with money.  When you really feel the music and you just close your eyes, it can take you to the safest place you can ever imagine.  Music has always been by my side during both good and bad days. I listen to any type of music, although I DJ and produce techno music, I still listen to artists like Cigarettes After Sex, Groove Armada and Tango with Lions among others.

Music helped me throughout my bad moments in life.  It helped me wake up again and realize that life can give you good feelings and good moments.  Life can be good and it can make you feel proud of yourself. Music was always the one to make me realize these beautiful feelings

Q. Current projects?

A. Well currently I’m working with a producer on upcoming dub techno tracks, started a monthly selection mix I upload at the beginning of every month, and I’m also in discussion for upcoming events.

Future projects?

Hmm who knows, would love to have more opportunities for a selective crowd, as the ones I had lately were all inside Paceville and its not my scene at all but we’ll see.

Checkout his latest set on Soundcloud but be warned it’s a heavy one and I simply love it!

Author: Lyon Xuereb

“I don’t need therapy. I’m just a total mess of everything done right”

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