3Regardless the act and under which genre they fall, it’s always a thrill when a foreign band is invited to gig in the local music scene. It keeps justifying how wide the industry is and that you’ll never know who’s that next artist/band that might impress you with their craft. Although over saturated at times, one cannot argue with the fact that metal made general huge steps with expanding its retail and not being afraid to break the mould. As an enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout to discover new talent and appreciate their competence, both studio and live wise.

Hailing from Saxony, Germany, Dying Humanity is a versatile and burgeoning quintet ready to blow your mind with an exceptional blend of melodic death and thrash metal, reminiscent of the good old 90s, coupled emphatically with a fine ‘core touch. In fact, shades of All That Remains from the early days come to mind as soon as I heard their latest release ‘’Deadened’’.



I got introduced to this band as soon as I learned that they will be performing across our shores this August, supported by local upstarts Align The Tide and heavyweights Club Murder. Already with 4 albums in their resume and a new vocalist who just joined in time to record the aforementioned album, one always assume further experimentation and influences are introduced as soon as new blood is infused within the system.


‘’Deadened’’ is as heavy and gratifying it can get. Perhaps not the most polished work out there yet certainly worth more than one listen as it can generously serve as your daily dosage of metal ecstasy.

The album kicks off immediately with a bang with the title track. A sweet, Egyptian scale intro, ready to build up an overwhelming bowl of hatred, as perhaps thrash metal is best known for. The astute use of voice sampling is always an added bonus in any track, as it is noted in the bridge section with John Milton from Devil’s Advocate, as the guitar riffs get tighter as the track progresses through, with a fine touch of harmonics, reminiscent of the best days In Flames familiarizes with. Following through the album are 4 equally bone crushing tracks, however as soon as ‘’Psychotic Illusion’’ kicks in when I took a deep breath and appreciated the dynamism of this band. The bass line from the intro is quite noteworthy, serving as a crescendo to perhaps being the best and most solid track from the entire. Definitely your kind of track you need to listen over and over, taking the album to a whole other album. Another conspicuous note from the album is the instrumental ‘’Oblivion’’. Part acoustic and part monstrous with a hefty bass interlude, it shows that the band has more than one card in their deck. Closing things off is ‘’Bloodshot Eyes’, equally ponderous whilst fading out with more acoustical finesse.
Indeed worth a listen and actually excited to see them live this summer, as I’m pretty sure this band won’t fail to exceed everyone’s expectations, especially for those who don’t like to sit idle and wreck the place up. This band will definitely grow on you, especially both younger and perhaps more veteran fans that are melodic death lovers, fond of both clean and growl vocals like any other honourable band within the genre. Insane!


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Author: Alan Formosa

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