I had the pleasure to get to know better Chaotic Remains.  The band has been around for a long time but due to constant changes, the true potential of the band has never been accomplished.  After talking with the band members, the main aspect that struck me was the drive for them to get back on stage and show what Chaotic Remains is all about.

Q. Give us a brief introduction about Chaotic Remains

Chaotic Remains was founded in 2008 by two of its current members which are still present to date.  Supported by local veterans ‘Thy Legion‘, Chaotic Remains organised its debut gig in 2011 and performed shortly after live in an event titled ‘Breaking the barriers’ with its original line-up.  Chaotic Remains has unfortunately undergone various line-up changes which have undoubtedly proven to be a deterrent in the band’s ability to move forward.  Despite this, the band has had the opportunity to feature in a number of events alongside reputable local and foreign acts such as the Malta Death Fest, XMA, Metal Over Malta, Shellshock, October Tide and more.

2Q. Who are the band members?

The band consists of 6 members which includes two guitarists (Julian & Roderick), vocalist (Sean), bassist (Andrew), keyboardist (William) and drummer (Mark-Andrew).  Differences in musical influences and tastes among the members have contributed towards creating our own style which can most closely be grouped under “Symphonic Death Metal”.

Q. What changed for Chaotic Remains?

As mentioned before, Chaotic Remains was subject to a number of changes in its members.  The most noticeable change happened in 2011 and 2013 respectively with the introduction of Julian (guitars) and Mark (drums) which contributed towards a more stable line-up.  This enabled the band to focus on writing new material and to feature on a number of gigs/festivals over recent years.


Credit to Craig Andrews

Q. You shall be making your return alongside Thy Legion and Purgatory on the 21st of April at Chateau Buskett.  What should the people expect during the show?

For our upcoming gig, we are looking to bring about various elements of different styles and genres in our tracks, which combine a mixture of melody and orchestration, brutal breakdowns and groovy bass lines, whilst delving into aspects of death metal.

Q. I know that you’re working on the debut album alongside David from Spinesplitter Studio.  Any planned release date?

The actual recording/mastering of our debut album have been done and dusted in recent months. Its release had to be postponed as the artwork is not yet finalized.  If everything goes according to plan, Chaotic Remains plans to launch the album in the final quarter of 2017.

Q.  Besides the album launch, what’s in store for Chaotic Remains in the future?

Despite not having yet released the first album, Chaotic Remains has already started working on material which will feature in the band’s second album.  The band also plans to release its first music video close to the first album’s release date.  In addition, the band plans to feature in other gigs/festivals whilst seeking opportunities to perform abroad.


Author: Lyon Xuereb

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