The Goddess of Fertility with pastizzi? Oh sorry wait, I meant to say progstizzi, fuck yes bring it on!

Prog the Islands is back once more to deliver a special treat for Christmas Time.  Forget the Christmas trees and the bloody ginger bread men (all hail progstizzi!), Archipelaprog is the event not to miss on December 9th and 10th.  Prepare for a couple of days enriched with great local talent, who will quench your thirst for good music with their exclusive touch.

Fear not, as Prog the Islands have covered the whole spectrum for this year.  From the heavy, to the wacky, to the old-school and many more.

Official Line up:

Viper Soup Complex

Having debuted in 2015 at (guess what? … yep you got it!) Prog the Islands, the band received an overwhelming response which pushed them even further to pursue greater goals.  The band is currently in the works to release their first official album.

Check them out:

Official Facebook page:


Falcon’s Flying Circus

Falcon’s Flying Circus have been in the musical scene for a large number of years.  Having released their first album last summer, the band has over and over again proved their worth and talent with their impeccable performances on stage.

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Official Facebook page:
The Ranch

The Ranch, an explosive dynamic trio committed to delivering a high-powered, colorful, contemporary sound, brimming with experimentation, improvisation and attitude.

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Official Facebook page:


Eyes to Argus

Throughout its evolution, Eyes to Argus’ aim has always been the same; to think in terms of mood and atmosphere, rather than set genre. With influences being worked into the mix rather than imitated, the result blends into moments that flow across a spectrum, ranging from mellow, dreamy instances to other heavier, brooding ones.

We don’t have any material to share, I guess you’ll have to quench your curiosity during Archipelaprog 😛

Official Facebook page:



Ferret is an instrumental band which has been founded in 2015.  These guys deliver a melodic experience which will daze you off your shoes. They don’t speak much but they let their instruments do the talking!

Check out their material from their official Facebook page:



Krishna is an instrumental heavy music duo from Malta which channels styles and techniques of stoner, drone, doom post-metal, post-rock, ambient and other genres.

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Official Facebook Page:

Get your Tickets Here:

1 night – 8 Euro
2 nights – 15 Euro

PLUS a 10% discount on Band Aid Music – Malta products by showing PTI: Archipelaprog purchase ticket/receipt.
Offer valid till 8 days after event (ends on 17th December).

Archipelaprog is being organised in collaboration with:
Trackage Scheme
Fucking Hell in Malta
Band Aid Music – Malta
Rising Sun Blues Bar
VOTS – Metal Festivals and Events &
Badass Burgers


Author: Lyon Xuereb

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