With Schosas Bodypainting festival just 2 weeks away, in a series of articles, we shall introduce you to a number of international artists who will be coloring the weekend with body painting masterpieces.

Matteo Arfanotti, is a well renowned artist and body painter from Italy.  He’s the 2012 Italian Champion in Bodypainting as well as 2013 World Champion in the Facepainting category and the Bodypainting Brush and Sponge category.

Matteo, will be showcasing his talent at the Schosas Bodypainting Festival from November 11th – November 13th at the Magazino in Valletta Waterfront.

Check out some of Matteo’s fantastic works below:
zombiesea monster




Work done by Matteo Arfanotti at the Festival dell’ Oriente Marina di Carrara



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Author: Lyon Xuereb

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