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Inspired by the works of old school heavy metal bands such as Judas Priest and Helloween, Skullwinx released their first album based on Greek mythologies, “The Mission of Heracles” back in 2014.  Unfortunately the album didn’t receive great reviews but Skullwinx emerged stronger and better with their latest album “The Relic” released back in September.

With their own Epic Speed Metal style, Skullwinx have hit the nail on the head with their second album “The Relic”.  The band delivers a faster and stronger punch.  “The Relic” talks about the legends and historic tales surrounding central Europe, from the majestic feats of Attila the Hun to the mystical legend of Beowulf.  This album is a perfect reminder of the classic metal tunes we all grew up with.

“The Relic” is definitely the start for Skullwinx.  The maturity and improvement observed between the “The Mission of Heracles” and “The Relic” is only proof that Skullwinx are on the path to greatness.  I definitely recommend “The Relic” for all heavy metal lovers.

We expect more to follow from “The Relic”.  Who knows? We might hear about about the legends and fabulous tales surrounding the island of Malta for their next album.

This ballsy album deserves an 8/10 from Rejects.

“The Relic” was released on September 24th via Metalizer Records.

Check out the album from the link below:


Skullwinx Lineup:

Kilian Osenstätter – Drums
Lennart Hammerer – Guitars
Severin Steger – Guitars
Johannes Haller – Vocals
Konstantin Kárpáty – Bass

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Skullwinx/
Official Website: http://www.skullwinx.de/

Author: Lyon Xuereb

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