We continue with our biblical journey, now with Lucy’s Last.  Biblical? Why check out their about information on their official Facebook page, and you’ll see what I mean.  I honestly feel closer to the bible following Forty’s Noah stint and Judah’s sexual escapades which made me feel like I was watching an episode from Beautiful (oh the memories HA!)
Anyway, what’s there to say about Lucy’s Last.  Influenced mostly by Jack White and Queens of the Stone Age, Lucy’s Last have rocked plenty of events in the past three years including most recently the Sliema Arts Festival.  A group of fun loving people with a crazy sense of humor which immediately connected with our Rejects’ vibe.

Lucy’s  Last line up:

Vocals – Mia
Bass – Aaron
Guitar – George
Keyboards – Mark
Drums – Elton

Prepare for a night to remember, as Lucy’s Last join the fray of a loaded talented line up with only one objective, to rock the hell out of The Darkroom.

You can follow Lucy’s Last on their official page (and do check out their about section):

In the meantime check out Pious by Lucy’s Last