Falcon’s Flying Circus was formed around 2005 and after several member changes, settled with the current line up. They evolved from many different influences and various genres including blues, psychedelic and progressive rock which could roughly be described as a strange blend of classic rock. Falcon’s Flying Circus is a four piece band with Spike on drums, Kurt on guitar, Pete on bass and Dave on vocals/acoustic guitar and flute.

Each member brings something to the table with his own influences throughout the vast spectrum of music presenting a variety of themes and moods music may project.  Falcon’s Flying Circus have recently released their first album during their album launch at Zion.

For more information, visit their page:

darkroom poster

For more information visit the official event page:

Here’s a taste of what you should expect:

See you in The Darkroom!

Author: Lyon Xuereb

“I don’t need therapy. I’m just a total mess of everything done right”

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