Align the Tide as they describe themselves, a four piece band inclining towards different metal influences joined together to form heavy catchy music to the listeners’ ears.

Formed back in September 2015, Align the Tide made their debut by launching their first music video – The Golden Throne.  A very professional video, with a powerful meaning.  It’s no secret that the source of inspiration for Rejects Asylum was in fact The Golden Throne.

What about the members?

align the tideOn drums we have Danny, who was born with the drumsticks in his hands, has a vast experience in drumming.

On guitar and vocals we have Kyle, who has shown he’s capable of handling both growls and clean vocals.

On guitar we have the youngest member of the band, Alston.  A crazy kid, with a massive talent.

On bass we have Gabriel, a promising bassist that will leave his mark in the local scene.

Rather than being a four piece band, I like to describe Align the Tide as a close knit family who share the same ambitions to succeed in the local and international music scene.

People should be prepared for a killer set and a couple of interesting tracks during Rejects Asylum.

Align the Tide will be playing alongside Pyramid Suns and Club Murder on Friday 26th August at Razzett l-Ahmar.


asylum cover_15.11

See you there!

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Author: Lyon Xuereb

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