Ahead of the highly anticipated Shellshock Metal Fest happening only in a couple of months time we caught up with Shawn Mizzi, one of the people behind it. The festival is now in its third edition. It has survived for at least five years and it only seems to be growing bigger and better as the program clearly indicates.

What were the main challenges you were faced with as organisers given the restricted size of our local Metal / alternative scene?

Yes it is getting bigger by the year. The struggle is always a financial one. There are lots of expenses to organise something on this scale and as you said, we have limited attendance, and we always barely make it even.


“One organises a metal fest just for the love of music because the real money is in other genres.”


The lineup consists of (take a deep breath before you start reading): AngelcryptInsurgenceNorm Rejection, SaHHaR Club MurderTwenty-Six Other-WorldsRising SunsetAbysmal TormentAscendor,Blind SaviourChaotic RemainsForsakenIn The Name OfFallen IconMartyriumLoathe and DJ Toty in between bands.

This massive music line up aside, this year it seems that you’ll be focusing also on other forms of attractions. Can you tell us a bit more about the Mini Comic-Con and the Tattoos stand?

Yes, I always try to make things interesting and not only focus on the band lineup. This is what Shellshock is about, it is always a festival with a difference. This year I teamed up with the Comic Con guys and we are joining these two events together. My thoughts were that the majority of metalheads love the comic stuff so I thought that this would be a very cool idea to add to the fest. They will focus more on the dark stuff hehe.

There will also be a tattoo stand by Ghiller Tattoos which will have lots of designs and tattoos on show. They will be also taking bookings and be happy to answer any queries or give their advice regarding their profession.

Shellshock Metal Fest will take place during the 20th February at Chateau Buskett. Doors will open at 1pm and the tickets will only be available at the door.

Click HERE for their official facebook page and HERE for the event page to stay tuned with the latest updates.