The infection has begun, as three well known names in the local underground scene have united to contaminate the premises of Coconut’s Remedy and they intend to flood the place with their very own Metal and Post Industrial tunes. ‘Carnivorous Horde’ together with ‘Cyberia’ and ‘In the name of’ will be hitting the stage on the 29th of November with the aim of kicking some ass with their music.

And for those who have been living in another planet or were abducted by an alien and kept under observation for at least two decades –

Cyberia have been together with their latest band member line up for more than 4 years, although the band’s history goes almost two decades back (1997). They describe their genre as Retro post industrial digital rock (yes that long). Their themes are mainly Socio-Political  and the band members are Gilbert ‘Kuzza’ Zahra, Andrew Christie, Joseph ‘Il-Pannol’ Pace and Antoine Vella.
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Formed in 2007, ‘In the name of’ are a blend of Groove and Death Metal who’s band line up includes Melchior Borg on vocals, Leli Apap and Sean Christie guitars, Matt Mangion Bass and Steve Vassallo Drums. They reached their peak in the local scene early this year after launching their debut EP album ‘Glutton Kings’ – Check it out from the following link-

Last but not least are Death / Grind band ‘Carnivorous Horde’. They’ve also been active for at least four years and the current line up consists of Tristan Tanti – Guitar/Vocals, Daniel Dean Kingswell – Guitar, Joseph Camilleri – Bass/Vocals and Kristian Camilleri – Drums. Their main themes are gore and macabre violence, stay tuned by checking out their page


The entrance fee for this event is €5.00 and the doors will be open at 9pm sharp

See you on the 29th!

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