Being one of the biggest yearly events both in Malta, and in over 120 cities across the globe this festival needs no form of introduction. The countdown for Notte Bianca has started, and this year we have some notably intriguing news for our readers.

For the very first time in Malta, these festivities are set to bring the Tattoo Culture a huge step forward, and this will happen through a new concept called ‘Tberfil Tattoo’. ‘Tberfil’ is an elegant local typography that can traditionally be seen on vintage Maltese buses and luzzi (Maltese fishing boats). The Notte Bianca organizers have commissioned local Tattoo Artist, Charlot Seychell to design tattoos during the night based on the ‘tberfil’ depiction by artist John Farrugia. The live tattooing will be stationed at the Republic Square, from 7pm onwards.

This year’s Notte Bianca “Band’Oħra” Metal Stage hosted at the old University during Saturday’s event will offer to teewthe visitors some really talented local names in the scene, shifting from Punk to Doom and Death. This year’s line up includes: Different Strings; RAGE Against Society; Fallen Icon; Angelcrypt; WAR TRIGGER; 12th Ode and Abysmal Torment. – 1st performance at 7pm sharp.

There’s going to be an equally intriguing line up also at the Notte Bianca “Band’Oħra” Alternative / Indie stage, hosting the following performers at the Manoel Theatre on the same evening: Milk Mi (Sunday’s Malta Tattoo Expo headliners); Three Stops to China; Errormantics; Massacre House Party; Claire Tonna (Singer/Songwriter); The Shh and Cable35 – 1st performance also at 7pm.

mnbvLastly, we are pleased to announce that the Rejects Crew (yeah, us), the organisers behind Malta’s first Tattoo Expo will be manning up a stand in the Hastings Garden all night long. This will be a unique opportunity for our followers to either purchase the tickets and book the official T-shirt directly from our stand!

See you on the 4th, Rejects Readers!