This Saturday, Sicilian reggae supergroup Shakalab will be hitting the stage live at Zion M’Scala. Following the success of their latest album “Tutto Sbagliato”; their music, vibe and energy are expected to leave a mark in the local reggae scene!

Shakalab – which consists of the following line up: Jahmento, Lorre, DJ Delta, Br 1 and Marcolizzo, all of which are well known reggae performers in the Sicilian reggae scene, have already toured all over Italy, during which they shared the stage with names of the likes of Shaggy and Ky-mani Marley to name a few.

The next surprise – the Rejects’ Crew will be catching up with Shakalab for an exclusive interview right before the show AND will be featuring a video of the night!

As a supporting act there’ll be Reggae DJ Pupachile Vasquez who is part of the “Positive Irie” (a group promoting Jamaican music globally) and vocalist of the rising Maltese reggae band Mana Tapu. He will be accompanied by his special guest – Camacho Criminal. In the meantime, here’s what Pupachile Vasquez had to say about the upcoming event:

At first I didn’t know who Shakalab were, but when I saw their videos I was impressed with their talent. jnhbgThey happened to have 4 singers,  just like in the band I sing with, Mana Tapu. From my personal experience, having 4 singers in one band, we are to expect a very energetic performance. Really looking forward to it!!


Great! Thank you for your comments Pupachile!

Stay tuned, Rejects Readers.

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