I had the opportunity to have a chat with Edward Hamilton who forms part of Mantra Malta and also happens to be a fire performer.  I watched Mantra Malta playing at Resonance a couple of weeks ago and the relaxed vibe which surrounded the area was incredible. I’m into metal, so for me it was a totally new experience.


If anyone wants to embrace this lifestyle of love and positive mantra, is there a specific philosophy one has to follow?

There are no pre-requisites to follow a lifestyle of positivity , peace and were love is embraced. I would say if you gggwant to be positive, choose to be positive. If you want to have peace, choose to be peaceful and if you want to embrace love, choose to be love. The answer is in taking a conscious and serious decision on choosing Love over Fear in those moments were we are challenged. All decisions in our life are based on either or these two and it is amazing how programmed we are to be fearful when taking a decision. We need to practice at this lifestyle if we want results. Just like If you want big muscles, you practice every day at the gym. Our events and music simply offer a space were this is facilitated. These are simply tools to be able to connect with that something greater than ourselves and through this, people find that they are positive, peaceful and in love.


What does Mantra Malta represent musically?

Mantra Malta represents the opportunity for people to be around positive vibrations through music and sound with the intention that this will further our collective and individual journeys. We are all in this together and the sooner we understand this, the sooner we will reap its benefits. We as a ‘band’ invite and include many musicians to join us at our events to initially allow them to use Mantra Malta as a platform to share their talent with the world and also to be able to give a wider spectrum of instruments, influences, emotions and vibes to our guests.  We only want to show that there are alternatives to the mainstream lifestyle and scenes and through our positive music we don’t preach anything or ask to follow any particular religion or philosophy. We just want to create a safe space through music were people can connect and find that happy place within themselves, through our lyrics, melodies and intentions.


one another?

Our aim is to share our journey with others and the music and the words that we write are simple and usually are inspired by or revolve around the beautiful connections we have in our day to day lives. People really relate to that cos they feel these connections too. We write about Love and about Nature and our connection to her as well as the connections we have with others and with ourselves, with God and with our inner selves. Sharing this and seeing people really immersing themselves, is a wonderful experience.


What’s your opinion with regards to the generic term hippie?

The Term Hippie : This makes me smile. It’s an outdated stigma and doesn’t bare any weight to me personally. It’s Old School. I feel it is a term only used by a few people who perhaps do not understand the freedom of a path that has been chosen by someone or how many different types of choices people can make through this wonderful life to express themselves creatively and openly. A person may have long hair or dress a certain way, wont eat meat or even talk in a certain lovey dovey way and is labelled a hippie. It’s cool and is not offensive in anyway. Maybe its offensive to the Hippies actually! Its not a relevant term to use anymore cos we are all letting go of judgments towards each other and allowing each other to be who we are without having to label this one as that or that one as this. People would lovingly refer to me as a hippie even when I wore a 3 piece suit every day for almost a decade working as the main rental manager of Frank Salt Real Estate. Just Be. Just Let People Be.


What are the next steps for Mantra Malta?

tttThe next steps for Mantra Malta? Who Knows! A few years ago we were just hosting Conscious Music Sessions every Monday at the shop of an NGO called Why Not? who has helped us immensely. The people loved it so much that it grew into retreats and well being events, concerts and sound therapy sessions for kids and adults alike. Then we were invited to play and host workshops abroad in places like BOOM Festival in Portugal and hosted workshops and concerts in Croatia and Germany a few times. We were just invited to host some workshops and play some music in an Ashram in Hungary and host a retreat in Germany. The plan is simply to work hard today and surrender to what the universe has planned for us tomorrow. All we can do today, is plant seeds.

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Photos by:

Jamie Iain Genovese
Tümer Genctürk from Studio f4



Author: Janica Spiteri

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