An event happening in the next few days is set to resurface the local Hip Hop scene on the island. A lot has been going on and while this underground genre might have seemed dormant for the last few months it is safe to say that behind the scenes were definitely not static. This time round however, the scene is set to be presented differently from what you’ve ever seen before from the underground world. Widely known rap veteran Hooligan will be hitting the stage to face-off No Bling Show and Marmalja’s rising force Claude ‘il-lapes’ in what is set to be defined as one of Malta’s biggest local battles to date.

This night will have a whole line up of clashing contenders from other Hip-Hop elements, leading to the headlining battle between Lapes & Hooligan. Hosted by Nitrox and D Legacy, the opening battle will be a B-Girl Battle (B standing from Break as in Breakdancing) between HAZY (from the Maltese Knights Crew) and PAQXA. This will be followed by B-Boy Battle between TINU WHITE and RITMO ROC both hailing from the Maltese Knights Crew. Closely after a beatbox battle will be taking place (reportedly the first battle of its kind to be held on stage) between up and coming talents IL-HAGU and ZERUD next to a live performance by Rumbull, who will soon be releasing his second full-length album.

Finally, it’s the highly anticipated verbal duel between il-Lapes and Hooligan. During the first 4 rounds they’ll be given one minute each where they will be spitting punch lines acapella, no-holds-barred. This will be followed by a fifth round of 45 seconds each with a randomly chosen beat live. If at the end of the fifth round the jury will decide it’s a draw, another round will be held, and unless another formidable tie results, a winner is decided. Hip-Hop and breakbeat DJ EL JAKO will be in charge of the turntables throughout all these battles and also for an after-party spinning great Hip-Hop classics, old and new, closing the night on a more chilled note after such dosage of competition spirit-induced adrenaline.

Entrance fee is 5 euros, at the Black Pearl Ta’ Xbiex, 30th August, see you there!


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