The repercussions and effects brought to people suffering from physical disabilities aren’t exactly a secret; the social impact, the physical and emotional effects may not always be an easy-to-deal with situation. Having said that though, in Malta we have professionals specializing in such tasks and technology and modern medicine are always making their life ‘slightly’ easier.

Now take a deep breath, try to imagine this scenario: An orphan child in the midst of the town of Awasi – Kenya, physically disabled and with no proper home or care institution to stay at….Scary isn’t it? The worst part – this is the present situation of a number of children in this town.

I can imagine what you’re thinking right now – “Sad story, but why the hell is he writing this in the music section?” vg bThat’s true, time to get to the point: Next Saturday on the 24th August, local Rock band Aces Shade will be setting up a performance at Zion M’scala. The band; who’s line up includes Billy Lee (vocals and guitar), Jelly (bass) and Karl Dingli (drums & percussion) have prepared a set which will have a variety of songs from old eras such as Rolling Stones up the most recent music from bands like Muse and Foo Fighters. They’ll also be playing some of their originals; including ‘The Story in my Mind’ and ‘Rise’.


How does this exactly relate to the first part? Oh yes, you’re right. There’ll be an entrance fee of €1.00 to raise funds in aid of the Kilimanjaro Challenge led by “Jesus in thy neighbor” which is a missionary movement currently in charge of the construction of a home for physically disabled orphans in Awasi, Kenya.


“I think what we expect from the crowd is that they sing along and enjoy the night with us, as performers we feel that our job is to make the audience engaged and interact with us as much as possible, it’s what makes them enjoy themselves and make this fund raising event successful for a great cause” Aces Shade 19 – 08 – 2013


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