This week we managed to catch up with local band For Strings Inn who are only a few days away from launching their highly anticipated album ‘Feathers and Stones’. Their current line up includes – Herman Spiteri on Vocals / Guitar; Kim Farrugia on Guitar; Ryan Abela on Drums and Aaron Dimech on Bass.

So tell us guys, how did For Strings Inn start and why the name?

For Strings Inn started off during a discussion in a bar. Mark Abela (Ex-bassist), Kim Farrugia and Ryan Abela bbbbbbbbstarted composing their own material and playing some ‘ToTema’ songs which Kim and Zizza formed part of. Later on they contacted Herman, who during the time was playing with ‘Failing Tomorrow’, and he accepted the offer with no second thoughts. The ‘Inn’ is the place / project we work on while ‘For Strings’ is the name of the abode. Here we get to know each other, discuss our daily mishaps and experiences and through these experiences we compose our music.

Your first EP ‘With Strings Attached’ was an immediate success, hitting the Maltese top 10 charts .. performing in a number of gigs both locally and overseas. To what do you attribute such a great outcome?

Our individual experiences in the scene mainly! We come from bands such as, I-Skandal, ToTema, The Strays, Failing Tomorrow, Rivals, The Vegetables etc… This alternative / punk background is our common denominator. This helps us understand each other both musically and on a personal level.

What are your main musical influences?

In general we like alternative / grunge / punk rock bands – Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Muse, Nirvana, Biffy Clyro, Green Day etc… Individually we like other genres such as Getto Funk, Progressive Metal, Metal and what have you 🙂 Our ingredients makes a very important mix in our song-writing cocktail. Having an open-mind to various styles helps you to become versatile in your song-writing.

A message we want to send through our music is that all our listeners need to accept themselves the way they are and that they should not be afraid to express themselves. We have a political side to our music as well with songs such as ‘Revolution’. This song was written during the protests of Occupy Wall Street, Egypt’s revolution and others. Our message to the people is to trust themselves and fight in a constructive way unjust systems for a better future for them, the environment and the future generations.

Given that the local music scene is what it is nowadays, what message would you send to anyone aspiring to become a musician / performer?

Practice and have fun. Music is a great way to express ourselves and a great mean of getting to know people and improving yourself. The local bands are showing big talent although the following isn’t as great as we were used to 10 years ago but don’t give up!

‘Feathers and Stones’ your new album will be launched in a few days, can you tell us a bit more about it?

‘Feathers and Stones’ is a collection of our adventures through the last couple of years. We loved its versatility and 10422181_10152567317822736_1523067966969887724_nthe final product. So much effort has been put up into it and the listener will experience such efforts. David Vella, our producer was a great inspiration to work with at Temple Studios. His experience and talent made him a vital member in the band. We would like to thank him for his support, time and patience. We invite all of those who cannot attend to the launch to contact us in order to send them a copy.

What should the crowd be expecting on the 12th of December?

The launch is gonna be epic!!! We will be playing all the tracks on the album and some of our freshest numbers as well accompanied with visuals. DJs will follow after the band as well for some epic rock spins. All those who have attended our gigs before know what to expect ;). We will be having great offers on merchandise and we promise to deliver a great night.

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