Welcome back to another interesting feature focused on one of the best deejays (in my humble opinion) which the local scene has to offer.  Just to make it clear, this has nothing to do with the fact that every time I’m present, he plays Te Quiero Puta by Rammstein. I thank him for the kind gesture as always hahaha. A person who lives by the mottos:

Honor and Loyalty

No Pain, No Gain

Forza Milan

Yeah, regarding the last motto … Everybody has his faults I guess haha.

The name Hades (already a lot of you are surely familiar with it) roots from the Greek Mythology.  Hades is the God of the underworld.  Rene formally known as Dj Hades explains that his intentions were always to provide an environment of theme related events and not the basic commercial ones which are always found round every corner.  Being also a huge admirer of the Greek mythology, he chose the stage name Dj Hades – God of the Underground Maltese metal/gothic/industrial scene.

On March 18th 2003, Hades events held their first gothic/metal event in his own hometown, Mosta.  During that qqqqqqqqqqsame period, Dj Hades was also involved in the Electronic Music scene.  One year later, he hosted his first international act – Vitalic, which funnily enough I was present during that same party.  In the following years, Dj Hades hosted several other events with several international artists in the Electronic scene but still he couldn’t forget his own passion.

I never left the scene which I truly considered mine.  The metal and gothic scene were my home, my own playground.

During that same time, a new passion started rising.  The love for industrial music.  In 2007, after hosting the first Minus Records Night in Malta together with Sonic Mecca and Error 404, Dj Hades decided to concentrate on one scene.  No one can ever abandon his own roots.  2007 was the year that brought the changes around.  He started organizing more Gothic/Industrial events in various locations around Malta like Rookies, Black Pearl and Remedy.  During the same period, Dj Hades also started his weekly residency at Coconut Grove in Paceville.

Also from last year Hades Events became part of Rise Tigne, where in these events the focus in mainly on Maltese Bands and Classic Rock & Metal.  In New Year’s eve they also  hosted an event in a Palazzo in Tarxien were they blended Rock, Metal & Gothic together with a very good response.  Hades Events together with Nuwave Malta joined forces for the Goth Generation events held in V-Gen.

2013 has been an exciting year for Hades Events. It marked our 10th year anniversary.

Next up in the pipeline for Hades Events is the yearly Halloween Massacre which together with Sailor Jerry will be hosting the yearly event at Coconut Grove on the 31st of October.

Today I’m proud to say that until 5 years ago Hades Events was one of the few organizations to host a Halloween Event, while today it’s becoming something very popular.

What’s next in the pipeline for Dj Hades and Hades events?  First and foremost I can confirm right now that Dj Hades will be the official deejay spinning tracks during Inspired 2013 which is going to be held on Saturday November 9th.  What we can surely also confirm is that next December at Remedy, the Industrial and Gothic scene will host two female deejays playing alongside Dj Hades.

Finally it’s great to see the Industrial and gothic scene in Malta with female deejays too.  It’s a sign that this country is finally moving on.

In January there is also the Gothic/Steam Punk Revolution event.

ddddddddddAlso exclusively on our article with Dj Hades is the confirmation of the event Ink which is going to be held in February.  Being our second exclusive event, we will share further details on our Tattoos and Piercings Acceptance Facebook page, on Hades Events Facebook page and on our website and Facebook page.  The name says it all, so keep your eyes open wide.

Other events include Trick or Treat Halloween event on November 1st at Black Pearl and  also Dj Hades will be playing for the first time in Gozo.

What do we know about Dj Hades?  What do we know about his musical influences and hobbies?

I always say that there’s no best band ever but my favorites are: Black Sabbath during the Ozzy Era ( My all time favorite band), Rammstein, The Sisters of Mercy, Rolling Stones, Kraftwerk, Metallica ( First albums), Jean Michele Jarre, Ennio Morricone, AC/DC, The Mission UK, The Cult, Depeche Mode, Led Zeppelin, Vitalic, Laurent Garnier and others.

Other interests in his life include following his favourite Italian team AC Milan and his local favourite team Mosta FC, tattoos where he’s hoping he’ll have 80% of his body covered in tattoo in 3 years time, historical fencing which he practices with the Historical Maltese Fencing Association, history especially the time of the Templars and mythologies and something few people know about is that he loves: Fishkeeping.

With referral to the local scene, Dj Hades pointed out:

Even if the Metal & Gothic scene are not huge ones like the party scene, it’s a very healthy one. Every time you go for a gig you mainly know everyone and it’s a community itself. My advise to all of you that are into Goth and Metal – Be proud of who you are and never let no one put you down. Keep on hearing the music you love, and not being part of the crowd does not make you different but simply yourself and who you want to be.

Indeed wise words which I felt right to post word by word as expressed by Dj Hades.

For every metalhead, goth, steam punk or whatsoever … keep following Dj Hades … We will definitely continue to post updates and we will definitely keep on supporting such a great guy and professional deejay.

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Author: Janica Spiteri

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