Attention attention little creatures of the night.  On Thursday December 12th all dark music lovers should take note of: Les corps éléctr(on)iques at Coach & Horses.

Dj Hades who definitely needs no introduction, Lady Irene who just arrived on the island with a huge experience of ,pppthe Belgian-French Gothic and Fetish Scene and Crown Spidra another female DJ who will warm you up to the point of perfection.

I had a nice conversation with Lady Irene and Dj Hades regarding the event.  Lady Irene describes the event as:

A non-conventional mix of different kinds of dark music, from the more classical goth styles (including synthpop and future pop) to gothic metal and also something more techno, like Harsh EBM or industrial

She continues to describe Les corps éléctr(on)iques as a party with an attitude rather than being stuck with a predefined strict style.

I often meet people pretending to be “purists” of this or that style and I think “purism” is the perfect way to kill creativity

hhhThe French name comes from her Belgian part of life, which is a clear homage where the well known term EBM (Electronic Body Music) was invented and first used.  This party also proposes a non mandatory dress code but people are highly welcome to follow it.

Goth, cybergoth, but also PVC and fetish-like clothes will be really appreciated: as well as for the music, no limits to the fantasy. Everybody can choose to come dressed up in his/her darkest and craziest outfit or just put a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on.

Additionally, Dj Hades wanted to also point out that he will be playing a couple of techno tunes such as Vitalic and Fisherspooner.

Make a note as doors open at 10pm.You can always visit the facebook event page by clicking on the following link:
Also here are a couple of tracks you can expect on that night:


Dress to impress and enjoy the show!


Author: Janica Spiteri

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