The countdown has already begun, some of the bravest Maltese soldiers are launching a massive invasion set to kick start directly at the heart of London in a few days time. As our force this year we’ll be represented by none other than some of the greatest Maltese talents.
Most of you might already know what I’m talking about, and for those who don’t: It all started back in 2013, when ‘nosnow/noalps’ joined forces with Canvas Wall – a band made up of Simon Dounis and Craig Rogerson, Dean Zammit and Jude Greaves. When Nick Morales of nosnow/noalps got in touch with Craig of Canvas Wall they decide to create a show. Not long after, Maltese bands started getting in touch with them travelling all the way from Sheffield and from Malta itself. Soon after they got in touch with both Maltese communities based in London and the feedback and support was so great and overwhelming in their first edition that this year they’re doing it all over again, bigger and better!
This year’s line up includes : Berne, nosnow/noalps, Dana McKeon, Carrie Haber, Fuzzhoneys, Canvas Wall, YEWS and The Cosmic Erotic. There is no need to mention that between these acts there is a huge level of drive, talent and passion.
Seeing such initiatives which help promoting a variety of local talents, is not only encouraging to constantly push and empower local Artists and Musicians, but is also in itself serving as a platform to get the Maltese Talents out there!

You can find the event here

The Malta takes London fb page is

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