And as the Malta DeathFest III (2014) comes to an end, a small army of metal heads from a vast variety of countries, made their way to the exit, some still finishing their beer bottles. We’ve witnessed an avalanche of bands, both local and foreign, met lots of great characters and the atmosphere was just astonishing. We sat down with the bands for a little chat and some comments about the festival. A common feeling from almost all the bands was that the turnout of the local metal heads was poor. As fest openers Thy Legion well put it, “The festival gets bigger every year and good evidence of this, is the bigger amount of foreign bands, however the local scene decided to stay fucking home!”
MiasmaMiasma expressed their interest to play again and had nothing but words of praise for the organisation, as did all the other bands. Needless to say, the organisation was bloody flawless. Frank and Dave really put their souls into this festival and it fucking shows. Giving the audience a two day festival with a lineup of 16 terrific bands from across the globe. Some band members expressed the disappointment that the opening bands of each day decided to drop out at the last minute, which sparked a few complaints that it was unfair on the organisers as well as other potential bands that would have liked a spot on the bill.

The hilarious Clit Commander remarked that the venue was awesome and would love to come back and if we had to award the comment of the day, it would be from these guys. “Clits, Tits and Awesome Food!” Nuff said! 🙂
A connection can apparently be made between Death Metal and Gentlemen clubs according to Burning Hatred and even in such an underground scene, the Maltese Islands shine through and its beauty definitely was a hit with the foreigners who expressed their interest in returning even as tourists.
According to Lelahell our local scene has a lot in common with the Algerian one. In the sense that they have seen it dwindle throughout the years but they loved the atmosphere of the DeathFest crowd, comparing it to a small brotherhood. The local scene is not new to foreign collaborations. One of the guys from Eyeconoclast told us how he got to know the guys from Beheaded, having mixed for them. Uniting in a consensus “We love Malta”, they iterated how the scene needs to be kept alive from the ground up.
Unfathomable ruinationNext up where the crazy Unfathomable Ruination…yes, it’s a tongue twister and they love it that way. This next comment from these crazies, sparked a photo moment which no matter how much you try to make it look brutal, you won’t succeed. “We’re gay and we love it. No, thanks for having us”. Judge for yourself 🙂

Closing the first day were the local, extremely talented Victims of Creation who gave an impeccable show and left the crowd looking forward to the second day. They appreciated the crowd but expressed their disappointment at the dwindling locals attending and supporting the scene.
Rolling on to day 2, a relatively new band (when compared with the rest of the lineup) Chaotic Remains gave one hell of an opening with their melodies, punchy riffs and a great vocal performance. Again joining other bands’ comments, these guys had nothing but praises towards the organisers but also expressed their disappointment at the local attendance.
A band who was very positive in their comments were Repugnance. They said that thanks to the DeathFest, they got more exposure with foreign organisers and markets. Not only gave a very good set but were also highly spoken of by Incineration. A greek band who themselves tore the place down during their performance as did Cancerous Womb and Methedras.
Viscera TrailIt all was fine and dandy until the guys from Israel, Viscera Trail stepped on stage…then we have no fucking clue what happened…in a good way! These guys were just maniacal. Not only they can put up an insane show but they’re also great musicians. Sitting down with them and having a small chat about the scene, their message is simple, “Fuck Religion. Fuck Politics..and Boobies. Let’s play some fuckin’ death metal!” and really it all boils down to that. No matter what your religion or your political ideologies are, we’re all brothers (and sisters) in Metal and the music is all that should matter. The response from the crowd was simply awesome with people dancing on stage which also included a burlesque show by Undine LaVerve.

beheadedIt was the turn of a band that doesn’t need any introduction whatsoever. Beheaded took the stage and did what they’re famous for. Impeccably brutal performances! After Viscera Trail, the local giants filled a much needed spot, offering the crowd a more laid-back, pure classic death metal show which paved the way for the last band to play at this years edition. Reckless Manslaughter closed the festival with an equally great set, leaving the crowd tired as hell, which is a good thing. They came for death metal, and death metal they got!
Speaking with Frank, one of the organisers of the festival, who’s also a veteran of the scene has expressed his huge admiration and appreciation towards everyone that supported in any way, shape or form the Malta DeathFest. On the other hand, he did mention that the turnout from the local scene was very disappointing. “The local scene does not deserve a festival like this” added Frank, and let’s face it, you can’t really bloody blame him.
It’s no secret, the local metal scene could use a little more support from the locals. We’re sure you’ve heard these words countless times before. Support the local scene. Everyone says it but few actually do. We have great bands coming to our islands, very talented local bands and professional organisers that fork out a ton of money and effort for this scene. The least anyone can do, is attend. Nothing against foreign festival hunters, but many don’t find a problem spending hundreds on them, travel hundreds of kilometres to attend a show, but then find it hard to pay a local ticket which is the equivalent of a couple of pints, 10 minutes away from their bedroom.
Whilst we realise that everyone has lots of personal commitments, an event such as this only happens once a year. We’re pretty sure everyone can make an effort and spare at the very least a day. In reality, no one does these types of events because they want to get rich. They do it purely because they have the most important thing. Passion! What many fail to realise is that this is just a vicious circle. If locals don’t support the scene, eventually few (or none) will be bothered to go through all that hassle of organising a festival anymore…and who will suffer? Yup, You, the local metalhead! Who will grumble that we have nothing happening in Malta? That’s right…It’s you again! I hope you see the problem.
In conclusion, this year’s DeathFest was a success and something that the organisers should be very proud of. The organisation, venue, lineup, sound and anything else that goes into the making of such an event, were simply flawlessly executed. Our respects go to Frank and Dave for pouring all they have into it.
From Rejects Magazine, we would like to thank the organisers for being so professional, all the bands that took the time after their show to come sit down with us and talk about their experience here.Thanks also to the DeathGirls; Millie, Hannah and Mila (Undine LaVerve). The atmosphere was amazing and it’s one of those events that you truly feel that whoever was there, was a true brother (and sister) in Metal!
Hope to see you next year DeathFest \m/

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Author: Lyon Xuereb

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