Much like your last drink during the past week’s holiday celebrations, or just the same, the last silent and peaceful days you remember before all the roads in Malta were bombarded by annoyingly repetitive catchy Festivity carols – all good things come to an end. Admittedly, it’s been one hell of an amazingly crazy year here in the Rejects World and we don’t regret one tiny little portion of it. The forecast for next year seems to be just as crazy, with a lot of surprises and news coming your way from early 2015. But before we disclose any further Top Secret information, here’s one last thing you shouldn’t allow yourself to miss this year – The Time Machine.

Being in it’s 3rd consecutive year, The Time Machine is a collaboration between ‘Inscape’ and the ‘Hedon Crew’.

“When we scout for performers, our music selection always includes alternative and underground music, from local Artists and bands onto DJs and Music Producers.” Carl Schembri from Inscape.

“The venue will be specifically set up to accommodate the various genres present in this event” Carl explains. “One of the rooms in ‘Razzett l-ahmar’, will be set specifically for live bands with genres ranging from Indie to Rock and Swing; whilst in another room the music will be focused on Electronic, Acid, Techno and Detroit Experimental Influenced DJs.”

Carl continues by explaining, that this year they did their best to expand and include different genres. In their promotion both the Hedon Crew and Inscape always try their best to not be close minded and one sided; and hence they’re always inclusive of any performers who show true passion and take the alternative Music Scene seriously.

The Line up for the night includes the following Acts:

Live Bands
The Velts & No Snow No Alps

Djs on the bill
Flien (PDM), Laavemuax, Gorgobot, Chris Radium

The Hall
Spinning Detroit, Acid, Electro, Techno and other matter with;
Rokon, Danjeli, Incmode, Wayne Richard, D-Traum

And last but not least – ‘Digital Nature’ on visuals.

Check out the Promo Video for the night –

Tickets are €20.00 and you may buy them from any performer or sponsor listed here on the poster
.. or by clicking on the event page below.

…… till next year, Rejects readers.


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