Blitz is a NON PROFIT organization based in a four storey 400 year old townhouse located in the heart of Valletta. Known for it’s constant support towards experimental and alternative arts in all their form; it is an independent artist-run contemporary art space. In the last couple of years they managed to become one of the biggest names in the local creative scene providing not only a platform for the Artists and the Enthusiasts alike, but also helped in creating a network / community where people constantly share their ideas and nurture their talents in both the local and international scene. What makes it so recognizable amidsts any other creative medium is the fact that Blitz is one of the few, if not the only independent artist-run not for profit space in Malta.

During the month of July they’re organizing a crowdfunding project ahead of two huge long term projects they’ll be nhbgvfcxworking on! ( ) In reaching the targets Blitz will not only be stepping up the local game in terms of anything related to the Maltese Art and creative scene but it will also leave a permanent mark on an international scale which would also make it a first for our country. Below you will find some further information on what the projects will be about –
One of these projects is the “Blitz project space” and in their own words:

It will be a dedicated space for a high-turnaround exhibition programme. It will provide a much-needed local platform for emerging experimental practitioners who are challenging what it means to make art nowadays. Occupying approximately 60 square metres, the Project Space will be located on the ground floor of the BLITZ building, which currently serves as an entrance, reception, social space, information area and bar. It is the visitor’s initial introduction to the space; attractive and imposing, but not used to its full potential… until now.

The Project Space program will invite artists and innovators to engage with space through commissions and open calls. The installations will change frequently to keep the space fluid and alive, and give as many artists as possible the opportunity to showcase their work. BLITZ needs funds to realise this entire project — from preparation of the space itself, to financial support for artists, collaborators, administrators and all other associated costs.

Then there’s the other project .. the “Reside”

jnhbgvfWe need to finish what we’ve started. Designed and constructed by students from the The Department of Architecture and Urban Design in the Faculty for the Built Environment at the University of Malta, and supported by 808 Foundation, sitting inside BLITZ is a half-finished, self-contained apartment, waiting to bring international talent to Malta for engagement with the local scene. The students were invited to research and develop a part of the property to provide basic residency facilities for short-term stays by foreign artists. The result is a modular unit, which cleverly conceals spaces for all the basic functions required for a live/work space. Concealed behind closed timber doors, the structure can accommodate a bathroom, storage and sleeping areas. The implementation so far has extended to the building of the basic structure. The next phase to completion is electrical and plumbing, installation of bathroom sanitary ware and bed, plus finishes


The BLITZ artist-in-residency programme, will invite foreign artists, thinkers, curators, academics, authors, and more, to live and work within the space. Alongside this will be a comprehensive public programme, including open studio days whereby the local community can visit, meet and integrate with resident artists, as well as a programme of public talks, workshops and masterclasses, and social events.

In financially supporting the above events you are guaranteed recognition as a thank you on their official website and in many instances a gift or a unique piece of Art directly from the resident artists – click on the following link for more info –
The next Fund Raiser for Blitz will be an aperol night happening on Wednesday 24th June – check it out

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