Ah the magic of medieval ages…the heroic knights charging into battle, their shining armour, the bold clothing, their recreational games (that is, when life permitted them a break). The uplifting music, the history they left us…what’s not to love about it ?


Now in 2013, in a modern age where technology rules all , Jai Camilleri decided to pursue his love for this gone but ,kmjnhbgnot forgotten era and revive it through his new musical project – Bibita. Together with Jonathan Camilleri, Chali Grima and Alexia Baldacchino: Bibita are set to take you through a magical journey of lushious notes and joyous music, making you drift in timeless space. So…


What does Bibita stand for and why did you choose the name ?

In Italian the word ‘bibita’ means a drink or a beverage. We chose the name simply because for us, there is nothing better than spending some time with friends enjoying music whilst having a drink..or two.


What inspired you to play medieval music ?

It all started in 2011 when me (Jai) and Jonathan, became active participants of the yearly event ‘Medieval Mdina’, helping in both preparations and historic enactments. We were immediately impressed by the medieval costumes, armory, culture and lifestyle in general. A year later we joined the event once again and our interest for the theme grew so intense that we decided to create a medieval inspired music band.


I am aware that all of you are coming from a different music background. Does it hinder in anyway your collaboration together ?

To us it does not make any difference since when we meet to practice we are only focused on our musical style. Having said that though, the fact that we come from different backgrounds is of great help when creating new ideas.


hhWhat instruments do you play ?

Most of our instruments where used in medieval and renaissance period, to mention a few: the Lute – which was a popular wooden plucked string instrument with a neck either fretted or un-fretted with a deep round back. The Bagpipes – which is an air instrument that was pretty well known in the era and the Hammered Dulcimer – a trapezoid shaped hollow wooden box, with strings stretched across its top and struck with small wooden hammers to produce sound.


What are your music influences ?

Our biggest influences are Arany Zoltan and Corvux Corax.


Being the one of the few medieval bands in Malta, do you feel there are enough opportunities?

Yes actually we’re doing quite well. The medieval music scene is not a common one in Malta and from what we’ve seen so far, people want something different from what they’re used to. Also lately, events in connection with the medieval era are slowly becoming more frequent.


What’s next for Bibita?

Immersing ourselves deeper in this music genre. Playing and exploring this style and this era as much as possible.xsdcfgvb


Thanks Bibita!


To visit their facebook page click this link: https://www.facebook.com/bibitamusic


Author: Janica Spiteri

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