Having built a slowly yet constantly increasing popularity in Malta, Dub is guaranteeing it’s presence is only bound to get stronger and be taken to the next levels, as a group specifically representing the scene is about to get started on the sound of Heavy bass in Malta – Bass Culture!

To celebrate their opening they’re bringing in our country a foreign big name in the French Dub scene, music artist 1380270_215842468583834_1857016365_n‘Weeding Dub’! The event will take place on Saturday 19th October at Mosta’s ‘Razzett L-aħmar’! Having been a prominent dub artist since 1999 ,Weeding Dub is the creator of 3 full length albums and countless EPs, which are considered to be gems for this bass heavy musical style.

For those who still don’t know – Bass Culture is a new Organization found recently by two Dub addicts who keep bass heavy genres such as Dub close to them so much they decided to create group which is there specifically to promote Dub and any other heavy Bass movements on the rock, starting from Saturday 19th’s Weeding Dub event.

Rising out of the reggae tunes of the 1960’s, Dub became a genre in its own right, one with a soaring popularity. Constantly evolving and assimilating diverse influences such as rock, punk, hip-hop, trip-hop, Jungle, Drum’n’Bass, ambient, techno and house, the genre has in turn also come to influence these musical styles itself. Bass heads assemble to rub a dub dub!

About Weeding Dub

Lille, France, the largest and most bass heavy city in French Flanders. Since 1999, Weeding Dub has energized this part of France with field experiments into the genre of Dub. Having graced stages in Mexico, Finland, Croatia, Cyprus and further afield in over 20 countries, Weeding Dub is renowned as an explosive and unpredictable live act, energetic and accompanied by singers, MCs and his trademark melodica.

Appealing to fans of reggae and electronic music alike, Weeding Dub aims to capture the energy and youthful spirit of dub and deliver to the waiting masses. A constant experimenter, Weeding Dub writes and records his music for the live setting, ensuring that each track achieves maximum effect on the stage.

Hugely atypical as a musician, Weeding Dub’s sound is based largely on the Anglo-Jamaican Sound System culture and brings a live Dub show to stage that is enthusiastic, energetic, interactive, and hugely appreciated by seasoned fans of the genre as well as novices.




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