With a killer line up, Rockna’s 6th anniversary is knocking at our doors … but let’s talk a bit later about that.  First Ikjhnhn would like to turn the spotlight for a short while on Mike Bugeja.  This has been something that we at Rejects have been discussing to do and now is the perfect time to do so.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Mike is his humble smile.  Wherever you meet him, he’s always smiling and bringing a smile on other people’s faces.

Mike has always been a great asset for us at Rejects.  He gives us that positive punch to keep going on and do things our own way.  On behalf of Rejects we thank you for all the work you do to promote the local music scene.

On July 8th, Rockna will be celebrating its 6 year anniversary with a music concert which will be held at the Dar Centrali in Pieta.  The concert will feature Decline the Fall whom we know too well after their debut during Friday the 13th, Falcon’s Flying Circus who with their style influenced from a mix of psychedelic, blues and progressive rock bring forth a strange blend of classic rock and Airport Impressions, who definitely need no introduction.

ROCKNA, which is hosted by Michael Bugeja and goes out on air every Friday on Radio 101, was first broadcast on July 9, 2010 and has now clocked up over 300 editions, covering most of the island’s musical spectrum and with a good number of shows also featuring exclusive unplugged sessions from established and upcoming acts.

Tickets for the 6th Anniversary concert are available against a donation starting from EUR 5 (upstairs) and EUR 8 (downstairs).
Doors open at 1930 hrs.
For more information call on 2596 5406 or 2596 5462.

This event is supported by NET Media, PA Sound, AF Signs, Farsons and PrintShop Express.

An event surely not to be missed. Show your support to Mike Bugeja the same way he supports local talent.


Decline The Fall www.facebook.com/Declinethefall/?fref=ts
Falcon’s Flying Circus www.facebook.com/Falcons-Flying-Circus-105566968506/?fref=ts
Airport Impressions www.facebook.com/AirportImpressionsOfficial/?fref=ts


Author: Janica Spiteri

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