Today we meet Sil, the founder of Wanderlust Creaties which specializes in head-to-toe handcrafted items made from fair traded, eco friendly and recycled materials.  Varying from natural stones/ sea stones, shells, krobo beads and others to various types of seeds…so, sil…


What made you decide to start your own project?sqs

Initially the project started as an experiment as I wanted a piece of jewelry that I could identify myself with and since in Malta this concept is not much in vogue I decided to create something for myself. To be honest I never thought that this could end up on a larger scale, but with the help of family and friends it did and I funded my little home-based company previously known as Experimental Creations.


Can you tell  us a bit more about Wanderlust Creaties?

The Experimental phase was over and things started summing up so the name also changed and is  now known as Wanderlust Creaties. Since Wanderlust is a strong desire to wander and explore the world, I find this to be the perfect name for this project as my collection of hand crafted jewelry got components coming from all over the globe. I am super keen about travelling and love to meet foreign artisans and see their methodologies of crafting jewelry. As said in the description I only use components which are fair traded , eco friendly or recycled which keeps the items as natural as they can be. Fair trade is basically an approach which strives to improve the working conditions of those in developing countries. Thus my creations boast a really strong character and challenge!


What challenges did you face in the beginning and how did you overcome such challenges?

In Malta, people tend to be more enticed by cheap prices and only few realize why certain items are so cheap. This in fact was and unfortunately still is the biggest challenge I encounter, since most people are not conscious enough about this market and fall for the cheap price of the mass produced replicas and without knowing they are also promoting the exploitation of cheap labourers.


gtgvWhat’s the inspiration behind your designs?

Biggest inspiration comes in winter especially when it is raining and I am all cosy at home sipping coffee, listening to music and dreaming about all the countries I would like to visit!  But since I can not visit them all at one go, I  try to create something which is connected to a particular country and in my opinion that is why my unique designs are full of life.


How  would you describe yourself in 3 words?

To put it short and sweet,  I find myself to be rather adventurous, a big big dreamer and last but not least creative!


What advice would you give to someone thinking of setting up their own jewellery project?

Nothing is easy but if you believe in something just go for it and remember don’t just fall for trends! If you want something to last and something that you are proud of, simply create something which reflects your own personality and things will have life in them.


What is your life motto?

The simple three L’s – Live.Love.Laugh
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Author: Janica Spiteri

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