So I apparently cover movies now so here’s another movie I wanted to shed some light on. Paradoxically I’m trying to make a short movie called Obscure a little less obscure. To do this I went on set on Saturday (I could’ve spent it getting my arena rating up but it seems life had a different plan for me, an infinitely more entertaining one too) and did my usual loitering around pretending to be busy and artsy. I was led into a beautiful town house in Mdina, the room I set up shop in was imposingly decorated with classical art and religious motifs as well as a smattering of modern art. That coupled with the disorganized bookshelf and the ancient looking globe gave off an aura of deranged genius, what better setting for a horror film !(P.S Haunted Palace by Poe really fits this setting)

After my laptop decided the movie needed a Weezer soundtrack (ie I opened it and it started blasting Why Bother,lo,ol half way through a shot) I sat down and observed some scenes being shot. Director Fabrizio Fenech (you’ve seen his work in my Limestone Cowboy articles, he’s a bloody fantastic photographer) was barking orders everywhere, apparently they were running a bit late, and people were scurrying about setting up lights and what-not (somehow it still amazes me how hectic shooting a film can be). However things progressed rather smoothly from there onwards.

After a break was called I leapt up at the opportunity to actually ask what the bleeding hell was going on around here and what the movie was all about anyway (most likely you’ve been sat there wondering when I’ll stop prattling and actually get to this part). So Obscure follows the story of a bloke called James who suffers from nightmares and insomnia and starts experiencing paranormal sightings. The movie is a psychological horror of sorts as the protagonist gets lost on the fringe of what is real and what isn’t.

swqdI also sat down with writers Fabrizio Fenech and Peter John Cutajar who pretty much sang the same tune. After a year or so of bouncing ideas of each other they finally decided on a final script and got the grant via the Presidential Award for Creativity 2014(This movie actually will be presented at said award!). The movie will be shot over a span of 2 days and will feature 4 different locations.

If you want to find out more please feel free to visit their Facebook page ( and show them your support too. Personally I think it’s great that young talent is being more appreciated in our island and the best of luck to all you guys working on this, go get em boyos I hope you get that ”bloody scary” film you’re looking for!

Author: Janica Spiteri

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