Feathers, chunky colorful jewelry, an array of clothing inspired from different eras and that lustful sense of freedom bohemians seem to portray. I don’t know about you but I’m in love with bohemian style- especially in summer time. Fashion for me means expressing your individuality through out your choice of clothes and accessories- which does in fact empower my creativity as well. Yet I notice nowadays it seems  there is a bohemian craze…probably because a lot of celebrities like Kate Moss, Mary-Kate Olsen and Sienna Miller have been sporting this style making it the new trend. But let’s pause for a minute… do you know where this term came from?


Picture 3The term bohemian originated from the words ‘Bohemia’- a region of the Czech Republic where the nomadic group  were often referred to as gypsies or ‘bohemiens’ in French. This particular group of people were often known for their vagabond lifestyle and for their disregard of money for the pursuit of colours, music and relationships.

By the mid-1800’s, French authors such as Honore de Balzac had started using the word ‘bohemian’ in a different sense; describing it as ” one who lives a vagabond, unregimented life without assured resources…. one who doesn’t worry about tomorrow”. Having said that, a lot of different authors offer their definition of the word but still the term as it applies to the arts is a timeless concept that knows no geographic boundaries but actually refers to a community of people whose interest is literary or artistic in nature. Due to this fact, a Bohemian lifestyle tends to differ dramatically from what might be considered to be an established norm.


Ahm…now back to the basic subject..

Generally associated with artists, writers and thinkers, the bohemian culture incorporates various clothing styles  including loose colorful clothing, long flowing hair, pretty scarves, paisley flowered fabrics and in all a general disregard for uniformity of a dress. As said before, with this type of style, you are free to be your own comfortable self whilst using your creativity to show your individuality using clothes and accessories (NB:  too many different patterns and bold colors  all worn together may result in you looking like the crazy cat lady 🙂 ) Here are some tips you may find helpful:


1. Try shopping at ethnic/vintage stores or charity shops. Stay away from gimmicky, cliche pieces or you can revamp these pieces making them yours truly.

2. Keep your hair and makeup as low-maintenance and natural as possible.

3. Chunky colorful jewelry, gemstones, feathery hair accessories, leather bracelets, pretty hairbands, bright colored tights or leggings…the list of accessories you can add to any clothing is not only endless but it’s giving me the typical itch which can only be tamed by a joyous shopping spree *sigh*

y2e3gq-l-610x610-jewels-upper+arm+bracelet-gypsy+upper+arm+bracelet-bohemian-boho-hippie-bracelets-ring-blouse-underwear-statement+bracelet-upper+arm+cuff4. With regards to clothing, you can go a long way with simple maxi dresses, flowy skirts, loose clothing, ethnic tunics, soft shirts with paisley or flowery pattern to mention two…the list is endless (yes…like my appetite for a much needed shopping trip)

5. Last but not least…experiment experiment experiment. Do not be afraid to try and be confident with your own decisions. People will stare anyways…make it worth while!

And in the end remember that boho style isn’t about looking perfectly put together… it’s about having a good time with fashion using your own creativity skills!





Author: Alexia Micallef

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