With Halloween at our doorstep, everyone will be preparing their costumes for the most wicked night of the year. Devils, zombies, witches…and breeders?!

Breeder is the first horror movie, produced entirely in Malta. Director Patrick Vella and his production team havehg been hard at work over the past several months to deliver horror and gore, the likes of which we have never seen locally.

After receiving international recognition in 40 Horror film festivals, 2 awards and 4 nominations for a short-film called ‘The Breeder’ by the same director, Patrick Vella decided to produce it as a full feature film. He pitched the idea to Evolution Media and together with Stefan Magri, they wrote the script.

The film has been entirely shot and produced in Malta but you won’t necessarily tell as the locations used were not the usual “mainstream” locations one would expect. Instead, Patrick Vella opted for more obscure and weird locations such as fields, wood shacks etc. to obviously give the film a more real feel.

The plot line is very straight forward; Worms can multiply at an alarming rate if bred in human host. That pretty much says it all. Watching the official trailer and behind the scenes documentary, one instantly gets the feel that this movie has high production values and it will certainly entertain horror and gore fans.

Leave it to Curtain Raiser for the special effects makeup, to deliver realistic gore. Being the people behind ‘Dar il-Wahx’, they know a thing or two 😉

gfxA magnitude of local actors form the cast of this gruesome film; Naomi Said, Rebecca Paris, John Peel, Roderick Castillo, Jonathan Azzopardi, Joe Pace, Meliza Muscat, Stephanie Sacco, Kyle Sammut, Jurgen Manicolo, Bryn Manning, Justin Sean, Aleksandra Andrea and the man himself Patrick Vella, all star in this worm infested flick.

Granted, the movie is not for everyone. 18+ only. Sorry kids. This movie is for adults that are into horror and gore and they will get a good dose of that.

Author: Janica Spiteri

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