All right guys it’s time we finally get started this year! A lot of surprises are on hold! Just a little patience please
I’d like to write my first article of 2014 about an event I attended during the last month of 2013. We were invited to a fun night of classic tunes accompanied by Texanna and Billy Lee – The trio, who’s line up consists of drummer Jason Smith, bassist Billy B (Texanna) and vocalist & guitarist Billy Lee are not exactly new to the music scene.

As a matter of fact both Billy B and Jason Smith have performed in numerous acts in the past. Texanna’s local uytrsuccess aside, drummer Jason played with ‘The Characters’ for a while, he also performed with an established 80’s British band ‘FM’ who were on the BBC charts, and saw some fame in both the UK and the US. They’ve also been playing alongside former guitarist Dave ‘Bucket’ Colwell from ‘Bad Company’ a band that definitely needs no introduction. Billy Lee is part of local band ‘Aces Shade’ & also performs as a solo artist. He performed numerous times in London, in well known venues, such as ‘The Troubadour’: the same place in which musical legends like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Paul Simon, Tom Robinson, and Elvis Costello have performed!

So yeah, with that kind of musical background, one can only expect an awesome performance when three musicians with that much music in their blood perform together.

And in fact…

We sat down had a couple of drinks – and there it hit us. This 3-man line up started their performance. One classic tune after the other – ranging from ‘Paint it black’, tunes the likes of ‘Come as you are and up to Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’. Other songs they played included Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’, Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid & ZZ Top’s ‘Sharp dressed man’ to name a few. But what really hit me is not that they played these tunes (although many are long-time favourites). What really hit me was the vibe these guys were creating, the energy with which they were delivering their tunes, and the simple fact that they were not forcibly playing these tunes, they genuinely were having fun (interactively with the crowd I might add). I’d personally really love to suggest these guys whenever they’re playing. If you’re a lover of real music and real talent – you won’t regret listening to their tunes & covers!!

So yeah – Billy Lee and Texanna – Highly recommended!

Till next Reject’s readers 😉

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