You, sir (or ma’am)! Yes, you, step right up. Have you heard about Limestone Cowboy? Would you like to? (Please be a sport and say yes or I’ll be out of a job). Well, look no further, because I’m here too keep you posted on everything Limestone Cowboy.

Limestone Cowboy is a movie in production by Take2 entertainment (‘dawk ta deceduti’ for those who don’t actually know who they are), it’s a drama  which follows the story of Karist,  a simple man with a not so simple goal of becoming prime minister of Malta.


kkkgf© Fabrizzio Fenech

We’ll be releasing several articles about the movie production and everything related. Have you ever wondered how stressful it is being a director ? How backbreaking it can be to set up a shot ? Why their production managers were carrying a coffin in Adolorata at 2 am or why sheep are the most pretentious actors ever? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you really have issues, but  I’ll gladly cater to your needs.

I’ll also be running a weekly meet the crew segment, so you can learn more about the cast and crew from interviews and my own personal opinions on these blokes and gals.

So stay tuned folks, tales of their quest are sure to follow shortly but for now here we go with week one.

So, first things first, I’m Rico, the Rejects correspondent (and stalker) of this movie and I’ll be the bloke keeping you posted on all things Limestone Cowboy. The crew at Take 2 is currently in their first week of production and in between all the hectic rushing about I asked writer and errr , guy who does everything, Jon Mallia, who claimed it’s actually ‘hell week’. Between the heat and the work load, I expect demons and devils to start running around any day now, maybe they can lend a helping hand. Everyone is doing everything and anything that they have to.


Admittedly, it has been a rather hectic week with tensions and tempers flying everywhere, as they desperately tried to get the perfect shots they’re looking for (more precisely the Kommandant, uhhm, Director Abigail Mallia, who demands perfection with everything). Of course the great Production Design team which consists of Jon Mallia and Carlos Debattista are also running around in full swing setting up location after location, always the first to come and the last to leave (they look like bloody zombies 80% of the time. I think they slept around 20 hours this week).

This week has seen them move to several locations, shooting scenes from St. Luke’s Hospital, Floriana, Zebbug and mjnhbgfthe One Studio (secret scene, you guys will just have to wait). A few cool places which stood out amongst others were an antique cobbler shop, bursting with flavour from a time long gone. From the cobbling machine to the traditional materials and tools used in fixing the shoes, it was like walking into a small slice of the 1960’s preserved from the outside world. There was also St. Luke’s, which provided a very creepy atmosphere after the darkness crept in and let’s just say abandoned hospital wings with dimly lit corridors coupled with sleep deprivation makes one’s mind wander into the macabre. They also had a scene in the sala nobile of a palazzo that belonged to one of De Vilhena’s officers.

I’ll get into more details in other segments about all the mishaps that occurred during my little adventure with these guys but for now so long folks !

Author: Janica Spiteri

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