Alternative Life Style


Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Years ago, when I was ready for my second tattoo, it didn’t take me long to decide what  my next master piece would be – a cherry blossom! Whilst skimming through designs of cherry blossoms, I noted how popul... Read More...
Dreamcatcher Tattoo Symbolism

The Spider Web Charms

  In Native America the dream catcher is a renowned symbol and nowadays it’s a tattoo design that became a commercial appeal and has caught on by many people, mostly women. Nevertheless, there is a deep meani... Read More...

Steampunk Fashion

Origins and Developments Oh the Victorian era – flamboyant dresses, massive hair dos, cheeky under-garments. First let me start off with some history, then develop my way to how this era was enmeshed with wh... Read More...