PTI: Proga featuring ‘Ferret’

The name of the band already gives you a basic idea of what to expect. Known for their fun loving antics, Ferret have also featured during last year's Prog the Islands. Featuring for their first time at The Gar... Read More...

PTI: Proga featuring Kizum Klof

A former duo band which only recently became a solo project, will feature for Proga. Kizum Klof has been in the musical scene for the past year, so it will be very interesting to experience an ever evolving pr... Read More...

10 things about Hunting Cain

1. HUNTING CAIN IS LOCAL Hunting Cain is a local Alternative Rock band consisting of 4 members. Tom, Steve, Kevin & James (jelly) 2. HUNTING CAIN IS NEW! Hunting Cain's project started in May 2016... Read More...